Reece Mills is a 3D artist and technical animator, currently based in Seattle, Washington.
I create art and animation for innovative new experiences in virtual and augmented reality, currently on the HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens. When I'm not doing that, I'm probably wood working or making really strong coffees.
I've worked in the Canadian film and games industry for fourteen years, where I had the privilege of creating fun, charming titles for a wide audience, mainly for Nintendo of Japan. I've worked on products for multiple console generations, on everything from PS2/Xbox360 to the Nintendo 3DS. 
I love games, and my favourite part is making an interaction feel satisfying and rewarding through animation and gameplay. It's a great feeling when the controls feel just right.
I'm currently working with some wonderful teammates at Midwinter on Scavengers.
If you have a project that needs art/animation/effects, or just want someone to try out your game, feel free to drop me a line.